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PushPreview leverages an API key for secure and automated preview generation across your projects. This key, once generated, can be used accross multiple repositories, facilitating a unified preview deployment across various projects.

Generate the PushPreview API Key

To obtain an API key, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your PushPreview account.

  2. Navigate to the Teams tab.

  3. Under the API Keys section, click on Create API Key.

  4. The generated API key will be displayed for you to copy. Remember to save this key securely, as it will only be displayed once and cannot be retrieved later.

Integration with projects

To configure the GitHub secret, follow these steps:

  1. Generate a PushFeedback token. For more information, see Authentication.

  2. Go to the Settings tab of your GitHub repository or organization.

  3. In the Settings menu, navigate to Secrets and chose Actions.

  4. Click on New repository secret or New organization secret, depending on your choice in the previous step.

  5. Use the following details to create a new token:

    • Token: The token you have generated.
  6. Click Add secret.